Dedicated Sports Event Coverage ~ a unique service for your athlete.


What is dedicated sports coverage?

In simplest terms, it's a photo shoot for your athlete. These take place during the game or event, so there's nothing extra to do on your end.

The pre-registered athletes get special photographer attention throughout the event. This allows me to capture the athlete and the event, edit the images, then deliver those digital images via a personal online gallery. You will receive a minimum of 15 images.

Do you have a list of available events?

Absolutely! Visit my pre-registration page via the link below or click on the picture above these FAQs.

What if my event isn't listed?

No worries. If your event isn't listed, just reach out to me. Let me know what event you'd like on the schedule and we'll work together to get it done! This service includes little kid's events too!

What if the person whom I'd like photos isn't an athlete?

Using the term "athlete" is just the easiest way for me to say that this service is available for most performers and events. If your child is involved in another type of event, just reach out to me. I've also taken plenty of band and choir photos!

Do you need any info from the person registering?

Yes, please! When you pre-register, tell me know about your athlete. Provide team color, jersey #, position, if they are a starter or if they normally go into the game at a certain time, etc.

How do I get the photos?

This is the easiest part. After the event, I'll get right on photo editing and delivery. You'll get an email and/or text message when your gallery is ready. Just click on the link in the email/text and you'll be able to view, download and share the images right from your computer or phone.

What can I do with the photos? What is a print release?

Cam Pippin Photography, LLC grants Client a non-exclusive, non-transferable, perpetual, personal-use license to reproduce Media via print only for any non-commercial use, including but not limited to prints for personal use or display on personal web pages.

For extra information, visit the following link for my fully written digital image release.

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